Why Medical Scribing

Aquila College Of Medical Scribing google-glasses

A Medical scribe is a physician’s assistant , who works in real time with the doctor when he consults the patient . A scribe doesn’t need to be in the consultation room ; but can work from remote work place , using Google glass . Google glass enables him to access the patient – physician encounter live . He makes an accurate medical report, on the spot , without missing any important facts .

Scribing is different from Transcription which involves so many levels like cross checking , billing , coding , etc and it takes days to complete the whole process whereas, when a scribe works with a doctor , the doctor becomes completely free of hand and he gets extra time for patient care . He is completely free from the burden of dictating each and every Medical record to a Transcriptionist.

Demand for Scribes is increasing day by day , as scribing is more beneficial and reliable for American Physicians . A scribe gets attractive salary package too . Above all , scribing is really a competent and outstanding profession, which assures fulfillment to an ambitious professional.

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