What is Scribing?

Scribes act as personal assistants to physicians and help them to deliver the best patient care possible.

Training and career growth…

Scribes receive thorough training and continue to learn as they work with doctors. Career growth is available as you train other scribes and manage teams.

Training process.

Scribes undergo extensive training which includes English language, computer skills, professional communication, medical knowledge, and much more. With such skills, you will be able to work alongside a medical doctor every day and assist them in completing their medical charts. A career as a medical scribe is a rewarding and long term commitment that will provide a unique learning experience.

Highlights of Aquila Medical Scribing Training

Guaranteed Industry Internship while studying.

“Earn while you learn” – Stipends of Rs.69,000.

100% Placement Guarantee.

Minimum starting monthly salary of Rs.38,000 post on job training.

Program Structure.

Certificate Program in Medical Scribing is a 9 months, three level certification program.

Note: The students are required to pass the certification test of each level to progress to the next level. Eligibility: Should have completed 18 years of age.

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Why Choose Us

For Medical Scribing.


Due to our size, proven success for the past 6 years and versatility we have financial resources and business expertise not available to other groups, providing stability in your relationship and the security that we can deliver on the promises we make to you.



What students say…

Most rewarding experience

Working as a scribe was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and it gave me a tremendous advantage during medical school. I felt very strong in my knowledge of medical terminology as well as performing a history and physical exam. I learned how to become a part of the health care team, which eased my transition into the clinical years of medical school. The people I worked with were amazing and it just made me all the more excited to begin my medical education. In fact, I loved my experience as a scribe so much, that I plan to make Emergency Medicine my career!

Sam Med